The Genesis Class is a class for engaged and married couples, for twenty and thirty year olds. They have various teachers who lead them in studying a variety of topics, from Biblical lessons to contemporary Christian issues. The Genesis Class is committed to growing together in faith through learning, service and fellowship. We meet at 11:00am in Room 205.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Class Update 8/16

Hi Genesis Class,
Not a lot to report this week, so this should be short... :)
We had an impromtu "lesson planning" session in class last week. Thanks to Cale for going to the resource center and gathering a lot of potential materials for us to review. One of the studies is titled "Confronting the Controversies", which covers seven hot-button issues, including such topics as abortion, the death penalty, prayer in schools, homosexuality, etc... It has a DVD with about 15 minutes on each topic, and then a guide written by a Methodist minister that would guide the discussions. We'll likely start up this series once we've completed the study on religions of the world. There were also some other materials with lighter topics that we may want to sprinkle in, in case the "controversies" get a little heavy week after week. We'll see...

Don't forget that Marilyn Dickson will be with us in class this week to wrap up our analysis of The Shack. Let's try to have a good showing in class this week, so she doesn't show up and talk to four of us... :)

Our next social is the pool party at the Beathards house on Saturday, Aug 29. Check the evite for details.

We have had 8 volunteer so far to help set the tables for the Laugh and Rejoice event. Set up is Friday, Sep 11 in the Family Life Center. I'll ask Fred what time they want us to show up... probably 6-7ish... I'll let you know.

And of course, the Dog Day Afternoon will be on Sep 20 at Whiterock Lake.

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