The Genesis Class is a class for engaged and married couples, for twenty and thirty year olds. They have various teachers who lead them in studying a variety of topics, from Biblical lessons to contemporary Christian issues. The Genesis Class is committed to growing together in faith through learning, service and fellowship. We meet at 11:00am in Room 205.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Class Update 1/24/10

Good morning Genesis Class,
Last Sunday we continued with the "5 Practices of Fruitful Congregations" series that the church is studying together this month. This week we discussed "Intentional Faith Development". We had a great group (the biggest crowd that I can remember having), and a good discussion about what it means to be "intentional" (not "international") in your faith development, and how we can utilize the opportunities that the church provides. Please join us this Sunday as we continue to study this series, and contribute ideas which will be reviewed by committee as we try to make our church as useful and fruitful as it can be. This week, we'll be discussing "Risk-
Taking Mission and Service".

Speaking of service, this is your last call for volunteers to be "Greeters" at the church's WinterFest event on Feb 6. There are two shifts that they need help with: 7:30-9:30 (breakfast provided) and 10-12 (box lunch provided). Please let me know today if you can help out by being a greeter, and helping people find their way to the various workshops that are going on. I need to let the organizer know how many of us can help out. So far, it is Cale, Kristin and myself.

We also talked in class about volunteering for class officer positions. Please let me know before Sunday morning if you would like to take on one of these roles:
Class President - liaison between our class and the church. Responsible for announcements in class, weekly "newsletter" email to the class, etc.
Teaching Coordinator - responsible for planning the schedule for our lessons/discussions. Not necessarily responsible for actually teaching the lessons, but more for planning them. We discussed the possibility of splitting this responsibility into quarters, with the Welborns volunteering to finish out the first quarter.
Mission Coordinator - responsible for working with the class to decide what mission projects we want to participate in, and then coordinating with the organization (or the church) to make them happen.
Social Coordinator - responsible for working with the class to decide what social events we want to have, and then coordinating the event, e-vite, etc...
Hospitality Coordinator - responsible for greeting/following up with visitors, checking in on class members who have been out, or dealing with hardship, etc...

In light of our conversations on Sunday morning, I would also propose that we create a new class officer position for a Media or Communications coordinator, who could be a point person responsible for updating/maintaining our page in the web site and/or our blog, so that when other young couples are checking out our church, they'll be aware of what a "cool" class we have... :) We got a little bit of a head start on this topic this week, by updating our class page (viewed at ) with some of the same information that is in our class brochure, which will also hopefully be going to print soon. We also added a link on this page to our blog, where Blaire has been posting these weekly updates.

In the event that we have more than one person, or more than one couple interested in a position, we can decide on Sunday if we want to hold an election, or just share the responsibilities.

We had some exciting announcements in class Sunday.
We had Hayley and Jerod in class with us again this week. They have been taking advantage of the "intentional faith development" opportunities in the church by attending an advent series of lessons that Fred Trevino taught for the last couple of months last year. It was good to see you guys in class again. :) Hayley and Jerod are getting married next month! Hayley mentioned a prayer request for her best friend who has a blood clot in her lungs after recently having a baby. It has been tough on the mom because she hasn't really been able to spend time with her new baby.
Our class will be growing this year, as Brad and Kristin and Daniel and Christy both announced this week that they are pregnant! Congratulations!
Daniel and Christy and Jeff and Jessica also became official members of the church last Sunday, too, through the "low stress joining" opportunity that the church provides (so you don't have to walk down to the front during worship...). We are thrilled that you are all now "official"!
Amanda F. has a friend who is a nurse and will be travelling to Haiti to help with the disaster relief, so pray for her safety.
Cale is a proud uncle of a new baby niece!
Cat's dad received some very positive news about his diagnosis this week. The doctors at the Mayo clinic have determined that he doesn't have ALS or MS, as was previously suspected, and believe that with treatment, his paralysis will not get any worse, and will hopefully be at least partially reversed.

I hope to see you all on Sunday, so we can see Jeff "jazzed" again by a big crowd!
You have two deadlines this week. Let me know about WinterFest today, and let me know about class officer positions before Sunday.
See you soon,

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