The Genesis Class is a class for engaged and married couples, for twenty and thirty year olds. They have various teachers who lead them in studying a variety of topics, from Biblical lessons to contemporary Christian issues. The Genesis Class is committed to growing together in faith through learning, service and fellowship. We meet at 11:00am in Room 205.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Class Update 11/30/09

Hello Genesis Class,
This week's update will be brief (coming to you from Hercules, CA). We continued in the Making Love Last a Lifetime series last Sunday on the topic of 'What Men wish Women knew about Men'. This Sunday the topic will be 'When the Honeymoon is Over'.
We also had a discussion in class about our participation in the Welcome Home a Hero program, where we'll be greeting troops as they arrive from overseas at DFW for R&R. Even though the flights are all coming in quite early (around 8AM), the consensus was that we still want to participate as a class, and we plan to go on Sunday Dec 20. More details will come, as we'll likely try to set a meeting time at the church and carpool to the airport. We'll probably also try to find a good place for brunch after greeting the troops.
Our next class social event will be a Cowboys watch party at our house on December 13, for the game against San Diego (3:15 kickoff). It will be very informal, come and go, kids welcome, etc... Bring whatever you like to eat and/or drink. We'll load up the magic fountain and provide 65" of HD football viewing (I know, it doesn't compare to 60 yards of HD...).
We had one concern mentioned last week. Courtney's aunt lost a dog last week. Courtney was hesitant to mention it, but those of us who are pet people understand that losing a pet is like losing a family member...
One big joy this week!!! A note from Sean:
Anna Victoria Collins was born November 30, 2009. 7 lbs. 3 oz. and 20 inches long. Lindsey and I are over joyed and big brother Jackson is very excited. We wish to send all of you our love and joy on this birth of our baby girl and God Bless you all.
Congrats to Sean and Lindsey!
See you all soon,

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