The Genesis Class is a class for engaged and married couples, for twenty and thirty year olds. They have various teachers who lead them in studying a variety of topics, from Biblical lessons to contemporary Christian issues. The Genesis Class is committed to growing together in faith through learning, service and fellowship. We meet at 11:00am in Room 205.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Class Update 9/20

Hi Genesis Class,
Thanks to all of you who helped out with our 3rd quarter service project last Sunday. We got a little bit of work done, and a fair amount of "shooting the breeze" time with each other during the times that they didn't have any tasks for us... Thanks to Blaire for coordinating the project and to Cale for driving the bus (on his birthday!).
This week, we will resume class with the third (of four) segment of the film "In God's Name", with class discussion facilitated by the Beathards.

That's all that I have this week! Cat and I will miss you all this Sunday, as she'll be running a half marathon. So please pray for good weather and a good race for Cat on Sunday.
See you all soon,

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