The Genesis Class is a class for engaged and married couples, for twenty and thirty year olds. They have various teachers who lead them in studying a variety of topics, from Biblical lessons to contemporary Christian issues. The Genesis Class is committed to growing together in faith through learning, service and fellowship. We meet at 11:00am in Room 205.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Class Update 6/14

  • David continued his "Humility is #2" lecture series last Sunday with discussion about the practical implementation of humility in our lives today. We talked about some modern people or groups of people who we perceive to be humble, and some others who we do not...
  • This Sunday we will begin our class discussions on The Shack! Amy and Cale will be facilitating the discussions this week on chapters 1-3. It's not too late to pick up a copy of the book, if you haven't already. It's a very quick read. I noticed in the newspaper this week that The Shack is still #2 on the New York Times bestsellers list (paperback). We're also really looking forward to hearing each other's thoughts on the topics and questions from the study guide that we'll use for our class discussions. We haven't seen some of you in a while, so now would be a great time to jump back in if you've been out for a while! :)

Social Event:

  • Don't forget our happy hour/cookout/pool party tomorrow afternoon! It starts around 5 at our house, so come on by whenever you can. You should have already received an e-vite from Jessica with details and a link to a map. If you didn't get it, let me know and I'll get you the info. Don't forget to bring your bathing suits. We'll have the volleyball net across the pool, so come ready to play! The Wrights are providing hamburgers for the grill, so if you're coming and/or bringing guests, please indicate that on the evite so they have a good count. And bring a snack or appetizer, too. We don't want anyone to leave hungry, right? :)

Joys and Concerns:

  • The Nelsons officially joined the church Sunday morning! Pierce and Ben were also baptized on Sunday. Congratulations to all of you. It's exciting to see members of our class down front in worship! :)
  • Heath and Courtney May are due this week. Today, actually! Let us know when the new May comes into the world. We'll be praying for you guys, and look forward to seeing you again, soon.

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